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5 Funnest Brands RN

I was always drawn to things that I felt encapsulated a certain kind of whimsy, excitement, joie de vivre, if you will. You could tell I was a campy child from the start. The best (and honestly, only) way I would describe these things as a kid was by calling them the funnest. 

I still stand by funnest today. It’s a silly word in appearance and in nature: it technically does not exist. Just the mere use of it makes everything a little less formal. Fashion, more recently, has conjured up feelings of funness for me more so now than ever. With maximalism and editorial makeup (now translated into “Euphoria” makeup for fans of the show) reigning supreme, fashion is more fun by the minute. Think of the trends hitting the runway recently: animal print! Neon! Feathers! Dad sneakers! They’ve all punched in a sort of silliness that is so easily lost in the formal settings of the runway.

However, there are some brands that really captures this attitude more than others-the funnest-who play with the whimsical side of fashion more often than not. So, I present to you, today’s five funnest brands. 


Ever since my mother brought home a multicoloured fur jacket from this U.K based brand, I’ve been absolutely smitten. Headed by sickeningly talented designer Hannah Weiland, Shrimps’s pieces never take themselves too seriously. Think extravagant faux fur coats covered in multi-coloured gingham, structured bags made entirely out of beads, and prairie dresses with such over-the-top poofy sleeves that even Marie Antoniette would be jealous. Even their website is a joy to use–your mouse turns into a little shrimp! The brand, which helped popularise the use of faux fur (even garnering support from the notoriously hard-to-please PETA), is continuously expanding its collections. I, for one, cannot wait to see what they do next. 

Image Credit: Brand Instagram

Sticky Baby

If you’re looking for unique clothes, look no further than Sticky Baby–everything is handmade in Brooklyn, usually by appointment only. Self-labelled as “highly unique clothing”, this innovative brand is home to some of the most delightful pieces around. My personal favourite are the brand’s iconic Tutu jeans, which have been spotted on all the coolest girls in New York City, as well as celebrities like Emma Roberts. Looking for a purse to hold all your prosecco? Sticky baby’s got you covered, with their Ruffino Prosseco six-pack that was all the rage this summer. Everything is created and designed by the amazing Amanda Litzinger, based out of Brooklyn, New York, so you know you’ll truly be getting unique pieces. 

Image Credit: Brand Instagram

Lazy Oaf

Finally, something mildly affordable! (Why must fun costs so much?) What is there to say about Lazy Oaf that hasn’t been said already? This U.K based brand has gained a reputation-and a cult following-from the start for creating cute, playful streetwear. Many of the clothes have a unisex fit, which is perfect for creating more anndrogynous looks. They remake streetwear in softer silhouettes, with pastel or primary colour palettes to match. Lazy Oaf looks are instantly eye catching, looking just as unique on Instagram as they do walking down the street. Their crazy-covatable collabs with brands and shows like Doc Martens, Mr. Men, Snoopy, and Daria (a personal favourite of mine) sell out quick, and for good reason. Looking to add some more fun, but not ready to commit? Check out their cute accessories, all under $50, for an easy way to get started. 

Image Credit: Brand Instagram


Ganni may be known for its take on Scandanavian minimalism, but their designs are anything but boring. Always one to provide a twist on a trend, Ganni has become the favourite of fashion darlings looking to be trendy yet polished at the same time. Their popularity has grown so much, in fact, that they’ve just opened up two new stores in London and New York with a Los Angeles one on the way. It’s easy to see why, when you look at their collections that combine trends–let’s say, neon and animal print–into a piece that is entirely its own. My personal favourites are their fun shoes and accessories, like their printed tights and absolutely fabulous cowboy boots.This brand is perfect for someone who enjoys more minimalist colour palettes but wants to add some spice to their look through texture, patchwork and texture.

Image Credit: Brand Instagram.

Susan Alexandra

Absolutely no fun fashion list would be complete without Susan Alexandra, who completely revolutionised the bag game in New York City. These beautiful beaded bags are all made with love in New York City, and are absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, if you have a chance to see one in person (they’re available at Opening Ceremony, Saks, and Kith to name a few), just hold it under the light and watch it glimmer. Absolutely mesmerising. Described as a sort of cult by industry executive Harling Ross of Man Repeller, it’s easy to see how you might get looped in. Even her fashion week parties are fun, with the latest recreating Susan’s own Bat Mitzvah. Be careful, though. One look at these multi-coloured gems and they’ll be haunting your dreams until next payday. 

Image Credit: Brand Instagram

Have fun! And please, for the love of God, if you buy a pair of Tutu jeans or a Susan Alexandra purse because of this post… let me borrow it.

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