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What I Wore to The Cutest Bar in Tokyo

Addiction, AKA あでぃくしょん, is located near Takadanobaba station and may be the absolute cutest bar I’ve ever seen. The entrance seems unassuming-while they have a cute sign out front, nothing prepares you for the avalanche of kawaii that exists inside. It’s a small bar, fitting a few people at the counter and some on the couch at the back, so you’re sure to get an intimate experience. I love this sort of bar atmosphere in Tokyo, because it allows you to chat with whoever you came with, as well as the bartender and other patrons, way more easily than in a traditionally crowded and smoky pub that you might find in Shibuya.

The interior combines quirky-cool details like a mannequin in bondage and a bathroom chandelier made of sex toys with the traditionally kawaii details like stuffed animals and an abundance of pink. The eye for detail here is absolutely amazing. Even the floor is collaged with loads of cute newspaper and magazine clippings, and nearly every surface has some kind of fun, cute surprise on it-whether it be a sticker, poster, book or more.

The countertop is a lightbox-style collage of various cute goods, including a details like ribbons, lipsticks, cute toys (I love the Miffy one!), and more. Basically, if it’s cute, you’ll find it in the display. The menu is adorable as well, covered in stickers and hand-written in gel pen. It looks like it came straight out of Tokyo in 2003: which is an absolute dream to me.

As for alcohol offerings, you’re spoiled for choice here. They’ve got your classics like rum and coke or gin and tonic, but I recommend asking the bartender for their recommendations as they have plenty of cute and cool options. I love the Fanta highball, but I’m also a sucker for all things grape Fanta. They even offer up crazy liquors that have scorpions, snakes and hornets infused in them! While I haven’t had the nerve to try these yet, they come highly recommended by the bartenders and are definitely a unique option for those braver than me.

To match the bar-which I have affectionately dubbed “the cute bar” when referring to it with friends-I wore my pink X-Girl shirt with my thrifted camo pants, pink Juicy Couture backpack and Brandy Melville jacket. This shirt was kindly given to me by my friends for my birthday, and I absolutely love it! The pastel pink, along with the purple detailing, perfectly matched one of the bar’s newest plush toy acquirement: a Sanrio Twin Stars plush! That’s the thing about Addiction-you’re never without a drinking buddy with the friendly staff and cute toys everywhere.

Overall, I highly recommend this bar for a cute, fun place to drink. The drinks are affordable, the staff is friendly, and the atmosphere looks like a kawaii fever dream: what more could you ask for?

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