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Outfit Diaries #4: Hello Bonjour!

Hello everyone! I'm back with a rather interesting new outfit diaries, as my outfits have been VERY different this past month. Instead of my usual Tokyo and NYC street style, I've been wearing a lot of classic and timeless looks because I've been travelling through Europe! I was lucky enough to head back to London and Paris for the first time in years. While we used to visit London during alternate summers while I was growing up, we haven't been back since I was about 11. As for Paris, my memories are very limited to a few touristy activities we did when I was six or so. Being able to revisit these places now, and visit all my lovely friends in each city, was an absolute dream come true. Anyway, enough with the sappy intro, and onto the outfits!

(But really though, I am more than grateful to have such amazing friends all over the world, and to be able to travel to so many beautiful places).

In London, I chose to do a streetwear take on classic pieces. This meant mixing and updating classics by incorporating various accessories, graphic tees, streetwear pieces and pattern clashing. I've been heavily inspired by Vivienne Westwood lately, and wanted to incorporate her love of plaid and punk into a lot of my pieces this trip.

We literally arrived in London at 9AM, so the first thing I did upon arriving was change into my first look. I chose to wear my slightly more comfortable pieces this day, considering I had a full day planned after an overnight flight. I wore my absolute favourite Ragged Priest pants (their flagship shop can also be found in London's SoHo), and my Kenzo graphic tee. As I'm sure you can tell by now, the combo of a graphic tee and plaid pants can absolutely not be beat in my book. It involves two of my absolute favourite items and creates a fun, comfortable, punk-inspired uniform that I will forever be committed to. On top, I wore my Ralph Lauren jacket, which I brought because its cut is similar to a classic leather jacket–making it just as versatile as one. This makes it an ideal travel piece, as I was able to incorporate it into loads of looks. To finish off the look, I threw on some hair clips, which I've been absolutely obsessed with lately.

My second look has a clear breakout star: this amazing hat from the iconic Lock & Co. in London. I bought it that day, and luckily for me, it matched my outfit perfectly. I was wearing a Kewpie shirt from Brandy Melville with an Anine Bing silk cheetah print skirt and again with my Ralph Lauren jacket. I have nothing else to say about this outfit except please, please look at this HAT! She is one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever seen.

For a quick dinner in London's most Instagrammable restaurant, Sketch, I wore a rainbow striped Scotch & Soda dress that matched the rainbow tiles of what might be the world's most photographed bathroom.

My third look was for a rainy day of shopping and exploring, as well as a trip to the pub in the evening. I wanted to keep it more low-key this day, since the weather was a bit dreary and my outfit would have to involve an umbrella the entire day. I stuck with a mostly-black look, wearing my Madewell black denim skirt, black tights and my Rag and Bone black boots. To add a bit of detail and interest, I wore my Kenzo sweatshirt with a mixed-pattern Topshop blazer. Again, I wore my hair clips because I am hopelessly addicted to them.

During my last full day in London, I wore what was arguably my favourite outfit: a mixed plaid number. I wore a bright blue plaid sweater from Jouetie, a Japanese brand that is designed by two of my favourite models, Ami and Aya (You've probably seen them on Instagram, thanks to their instantly recognisable matching pink bobs). On top, I added a different plaid in a complimentary mustard and green colour from House of Holland. To keep the bottom tame, I wore a green Free People skirt that matched the green in both the sweater and the jacket, and navy blue tights. The scarf I got was purchased that day, and much like the hat, fortunately matched my outfit. It's from Kent & Curwen, a lovely British company that has polos my dad is obsessed with (to be fair, my dad is obsessed with all polos). As I accompanied him shopping there, I managed to snag this great scarf inspired by classic football scarves.

The next day I was off to Paris to see my lovely friend Diana, who is studying abroad there currently. Since I was taking the Eurostar pretty early, I kept it simple again with my black Madewell denim skirt, black tights, a white J Crew T-shirt and my Ralph Lauren jacket. I threw on my I.AM.GIA black buckle belt, Balenciaga bag and again, some hair clips. Also, big thanks to Diana for taking such amazing pictures of me for this blog!!

For our second day in Paris, we got to meet up with two other of our amazing friends from D.C, Charlotte and Emma. We had all planned to visit Diana the same weekend, which was an incredible coincidence. Since all of my friends are absolute fashion killers, as seen in the photos below, I had to make sure I looked my best too. I kept it classically Parisian with neutral colours and an iconic bag. I wore my neutral straight-cut pants from Versace, and layered a utility-inspired Stella McCartney top over a brown turtleneck. The plaid Theory jacket added some detailing without being too over the top. As for the bag, I brought out my favourite Gucci one. I accessorised with a tortoiseshell barrette that matched the colour palette, as well as some gold accessories.

That night we had a quick wardrobe change for a lovely Parisian apartment party that my wonderful friend, Marek, took us to. We met in Tokyo and I was lucky enough to be able to see him again in Paris! I kept it simple again with a black zip up dress from Urban Outfitters, the Ralph Lauren jacket and accessorised with those hair clips. This is their last appearance, I promise! Well, at least for this post.

To leave Paris and return to London, I wore a simple travel outfit that I wore to lunch in Paris and dinner in London. Unfortunately most of the time in-between was wasted waiting in the queue for the Eurostar for 4 hours thanks to incredible delays caused by anti-Brexit protests. During this awful 4 hour wait, I managed to still look cute in my Theory green dress layered over a black turtleneck and tights, accessorised with my plaid Theory jacket and Kent and Curwen scarf.

I hope you guys enjoyed my looks, as they were a bit different from what I usually wear. Let me know what you thought, and if any of you are studying abroad in London or Paris now, I'd love to hear your favourite fashion trends and shops from these iconic cities!

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