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Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!

This January I was able to finally check off one of the biggest items on my Tokyo bucket list: The Robot Restaurant! This place is super famous for its crazy robot shows, and I have been looking forward to going here before I even arrived. The place as well as the show definitely lived up to the hype, and I'm so glad I got to see it! While tickets can be pretty expensive, especially in comparison to other sights in Tokyo, I would recommend searching around online for a little bit as you can find tickets for $50 USD rather than the $80 USD that is marked on the Robot Restaurant website. This doesn't include the meal, but as the late and great Anthony Bourdain recommended against the food here, I don't really chalk this up to a loss. This makes it a bit more affordable, as does going to one of the earlier shows like we did. It's also totally worth it because of the immersive experience of the Robot Restaurant itself. To start off, the building was like a show in itself, covered in crazy, gaudy-in-the-best-way decorations. There was different themes to each floor as you head down to the main stage. The first one, where I took the majority of my pictures, is covered in glitzy mirrors and crystals. It reminds me of some kaleidoscope 80's club, and I absolutely loved it. The second floor which has tons of butterflies, including plastic ones hanging onto the walls, looks like it was ripped straight out of a Lisa Frank notebook. Lastly, the third basement floor brings you into a darkened room which is the main stage. The show itself was completely delightful, with tons of robots, storylines, songs, lights, and more! It's really something you have to see for yourself to truly understand, and the shows switch up every few months meaning there's something new every time! I honestly felt like I had a front row seat to a Saturday morning robot cartoon, and I was living for it. I wouldn't recommend going to see it if you're sensitive to loud noises or bright, flashing lights however, as there were plenty of them.

The Outfit

For the Robot Restaurant, I decided to go all out and match the crazy atmosphere by wearing some of my favourite pieces. I wore my snakeskin I.AM.Gia pants, but instead of toning it down with a more casual top like I've done before, I decided to amp up the antics with my Juicy Couture tube top layered over my mesh top. I feel like this look combines the 2000s aesthetic that I absolutely adore (I will always be a Juicy girl) with a more modern trends like coloured faux fur and animal print. To top it all off, I added my purple fur coat from Free People and blue NYX eyeshadow to tie the whole look together. I absolutely love this look and think it is so fun and definitely plan on wearing it again in New York.

Overall, I absolutely loved the Robot Restaurant and definitely think it lived up to the hype. If any of you guys have been, please let me know what you thought of it!

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