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Outfit Diaries #3: Winter Streetwear

Hey guys! It's been a crazy busy month for me as I've had midterms, my dad visiting, and Christmas activities happening but I'm finally back with a winter streetwear look book for y'all. Winter in Tokyo is pretty mild so far, so a lot of these looks might need an additional layer if you're in a colder place such as NYC. Anyway, I've gotten some really great winter pieces here in Tokyo that I think really reflect the influence that Tokyo streetwear has had on my style. For example, I don't think I've ever worn hoodies during the winter because to me they've always just seemed frumpy and boring. However, the ones I've got here from amazing streetwear brands like X-Girl and Hysteric Glamour are anything but! Without further ado, let's get into the first look.

This look was one I wore right at the start of December and was when I debuted my all-time favourite jacket. This custom Prada jacket was a runway exclusive that I am so, so thrilled to be able to own. It features art from various comic artists that were featured during their A/W 2018 collection. The jacket is absolutely gorgeous and each of the panels line up perfectly showing the amount of dedication and thought that went into crafting this piece. The graphic at the back is absolutely show-stopping and the contrasts between the two artists really elevates this piece to the next level. I chose to roll up the sleeves to expose a black band which I think breaks up the pattern a bit and helps keep it from looking too busy. Since I wanted the jacket to be the absolute star of the show, I chose to pair it with a simple black Wolford turtleneck and my black denim Madewell skirt. To draw out the bit of red in the jacket, I wore my red Balenciaga bag as well. Wearing this jacket around Harajuku was an absolute dream come true and I hope you guys love it as much as I do.

Going out in the winter is always tricky because you want to be warm on the way out, but not sweat to death in the venue once you arrive. So, for a concert at the end of November, I chose this outfit because it's fun, comfortable, and transitions so easily between the cold weather outside and the inferno dance floor. The shirt I'm wearing is one of my favourites, a vintage Meatloaf one that I found on Etsy. I absolutely love Meatloaf, who ended up being my most listened to artist of 2018, and his album Bat out of Hell. I'd highly recommend giving it a listen if you haven't heard it already, as all of the songs are fun, dramatic, and absolute bangers. I paired this shirt with my I.AM.GIA snakeskin pants that are to die for. The material is almost like sweatpants, making them outrageously comfortable. However, unlike sweatpants, this metallic blue snakeskin pattern glistens in the lights and makes such a statement. The blues in both the pants and the bottom of my t-shirt matched perfectly, but the contrast between the flame design at the top of the shirt added some contrast. I wore a black jacket from Ralph Lauren over this outfit, which is designed to look like a motor jacket. This matched the motorcycle motif on my shirt and added a really cozy layer of warmth that was easily shoved in a locker at the club. Overall, this was such an ideal night out look and kept me super comfortable without sacrificing any style.

Here's one of the ideal ways I paired up a sweatshirt that makes it look cool rather than frumpy. This sweatshirt from Hysteric Glamour has a great graphic and really cool cutouts on the sleeve which already make it way more fun and fashionable than your average sweatshirt. I wore a black and white striped top from Brandy Melville underneath which peeked through at the top and through the sleeve cutouts, adding an extra dimension to the look without clashing with the pants. The pants are my classic plaid Ragged Priest ones which are a go-to in my closet because of their comfortable fit and effortlessly cool print. I wore this look to a delicious gyoza dinner in Shinjuku with friends. The place we went to had plates of up to 30 gyoza for really reasonable prices, and delicious sides like bean sprouts with meat sauce (my personal favourite!). I highly recommend checking it out if you want a cheap and delicious meal, or if you're addicted to gyoza like I am.

This look is super graphic and fun, and one that I really enjoyed wearing around Roppongi when we went to look at the Christmas lights and enjoy the Christmas fair. The top is from one of the best shops here in Tokyo, Faith Vintage. The logo says "Good girls go to Heaven, Bad girls go to faith" which I think is such tongue-in-cheek fun. I tucked it into my striped Joe's Jeans, and threw on both my Topshop checkered jacket as well as my Opening Ceremony varsity jacket to keep myself warm while we wandered around. The whole look really ties into the motor sport theme that's been going on in fashion lately, especially with the stripes on the pants and the checkered jacket. I also found this crazy cool storefront while we were wandering around, which is designed to look like the front of the bus (complete with fake passenger silhouettes at the top). It's also plastered in a cool variety of stickers which I think looked really fun. Obviously, I had to stop and take a photo.

My last look is the cosiest of them all and was what I wore to Fuji-Q Highland, an amusement park about two hours away from Tokyo. The park contains tons of rides, including four massive rollercoasters, and even a world-record one that has the steepest drop in the world! It also has an amazing view of Mt. Fuji in the back, which is absolutely breathtaking in person. I'd highly recommend coming here for a fun day out with friends, as tickets aren't too expensive and the bus was easy to catch and honestly very quick. We had tons of fun riding the rides, eating gross amusement park food (they have an Auntie Anne's!) and taking loads of pictures. We'll definitely be back in spring though, as unfortunately a lot of the rides we wanted to go on we missed because they were closed for a bit due to heavy wind. Luckily, we still managed to go on two of the big roller coasters, including the world-record one which was very exciting. To stay warm while being outside all day in the cold weather, I wore loads of layers. For my tops, I wore a neon pink turtleneck from Zara underneath my X-Girl hoodie dress which I folded a bit at the bottom to make it shorter. As for pants, I layered leggings from Uniqlo underneath my camouflage pants from the army supply store. To top it all off, I threw on my incredibly warm and soft fur jacket from Free People, my pink custom Ray Bans and a neon green beanie from Zara. The whole look came together really nicely and kept me super warm throughout the whole day. The look also worked even when layers were removed, making it really transitional from various temperatures. I'm definitely going to be wearing this again when I get back home to NYC and have to stay warm (but still stylish) in sub-zero temperatures.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick look book and can't wait to update you on my travels to Singapore in an upcoming post!

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