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Outfit Diaries #2: Transitional Fall Looks

Hey y'all! I'm so excited to be updating you yet again on another outfit diaries, this time focusing on transitional fall looks. It's starting to get cooler here in Tokyo, which I'm really enjoying. I've really missed the cooler weather and wearing the looks that go along with it, especially my jacket collection. Autumn is my absolute favourite season for both clothing and weather, so I've been trying to put as much effort into my outfits as possible. Right now the weather is a bit tricky however, as it can be warmer during the day and then cool down at night leading to a dilemma that can only be solved by layering. This is fine for me, however, as I'm a complete maximalist and the more clothes I have on the better. I hope that these looks give you some inspiration for this transitional fall season, and maybe inspire you to try out some of fall's most popular trends.

My first and arguably favourite look is very Tokyo inspired, and focuses heavily on the streetwear looks I've been seeing here. I've been really inspired by high-end stores that have a more punk/edgy feel to them, such as Hysteric Glamour, and wanted to imitate that vibe in one of my outfits. For this look I wore a fabulous sweatshirt I borrowed from my friend Catherine, which is vintage YSL. I think that the stripes really add a bit of edge to it, while the quality of the jumper itself makes it seem a bit more high end. I paired this with my favourite pair of Ragged Priest pants, which I added my Brandy Melville silver chain to to just add some more detailing. As for my bandana, I wore a Céline one that has a bit of an optical illusion on it that makes it more interesting than your standard checkered print. For jewellery, I tried to keep with that punk/edge theme by adding in lots of silver and wearing my favourite NYX cream blue eyeshadow. When I wore this outfit, I actually had a specific background in mind: this amazing mural I found in Shibuya. It's on the way to one of Tokyo's best pizza places, Pizza Slice. It's the perfect place to go if you're craving a New York slice, which can be hard to find here. While the sauce is a tad sweet for my liking, it's still a great slice and really hits the spot when I'm craving a taste of my favourite city. The garlic knots here are to die for and I would highly, highly recommend getting one as they're even better than most ones I've had in the States. The prices here are really reasonable as well, which is surprising considering things that require foreign ingredients, such as pizza, tend to be marked up here quite a lot. However, a slice here will only set you back around 500 yen and one slice is enough for a meal! At less than 5 USD, it's a super affordable and delicious lunch.

My second outfit contains pieces from two of my favourite stores here in Tokyo: Marumishouten and CA4LA. I've written about Marumishouten in a previous post, but it's one of the best thrift stores I've found here in Tokyo. All their pieces are vintage and come from Japan, making it really easy to find unique items that you would never encounter in even the best of New York's thrift shops. This great graphic print button down is from there, and is apparently from the 80s. I've seen a lot of newspaper print clothing in Tokyo, but was waiting to buy a more unique one. I'm really glad I did, because I absolutely love the pops of yellow and green on this and find it way more interesting than your standard black and white. The hat is from the famous hat shop, CA4LA, which contains hats ranging from extremely lavish to the classic bucket. I'd highly recommend checking them out if you're in the area and looking for a hat, as they have a huge selection and everything is really well made. When I was there, I chose this Andy Warhol beret with the phrase "Heaven and Hell are just a breath away!" written on the back. I love the subtlety of the design as it makes it easy to pair with things, but still adds more interest than your standard black beret. I paired the look with my Topshop leather skirt which I've been wearing a ton over here. I feel like it really adds some subtle detailing to outfits without being overwhelming.

My third outfit is very school orientated and really makes me feel like I'm fully into the back to school season. While I know that many people at home are in midterm season, school here in Japan only started about a month ago. This look was primarily centred around the Sacred Heart School sweatshirt that I found in Shimokitizawa, Tokyo's top thrifting area. While Shimokitizawa has an abundance of thrift stores, I find that a lot of them are quite expensive and focus on American-made clothing which is rarer to find here. Personally, I can find most of the stuff at Goodwill back at home for a much cheaper price so I wasn't thrilled at the selection. However, I did really like this sweatshirt and was a big fan of the colour as well as the cherries on the front. It really gives off an 80s school girl vibe to me which I really enjoy. I paired it with a white button down underneath and a black headband to add to that preppy feel. I wore my black leather skirt though to try to toughen up the look a bit and make it more interesting. As for my socks, I chose these calf high ones from X-Girl to again give it a bit more of a preppy look without going full knee high. My backpack was one of the first purchases I made here in Japan, and one of my favourites. It's from a brand that I absolutely adore, X-Girl. While their stuff is no longer available to purchase in the states, despite being started by Kim Gordon, it's really big here in Japan. I was thrilled to be able to come here and finally shop at one of their stores and I was not disappointed. This bag is from their collection with EastPak, and contains really cute little details like the X-Girl patch on the front and red X-Girl zipper pulls. I also bought their red keychain with their logo on it, which also acts as a subway card holder.

My last outfit contains one of fall's hottest trends: plaid. While plaid always comes back around every fall season, I feel like this year it's really taken the runways by storm. Although I'm usually more of a fan of plaid in a punk colour scheme, such as red and black, I decided to keep it classic for this look. The jacket is from Theory, and is one of my favourite fall pieces. It goes well with everything and is an absolute staple that I know I'll have for years to come. To make it more interesting however, and dress it down a bit, I've added a graphic tee I got at L Train Vintage and my patched up Mother jeans. As for accessories, I decided to throw on my red fish necklace to add some more colour and tie in the t-shirt, and keep with the classic look by wearing my tortoise shell print Illesteva sunglasses. Overall, I think this is a really great and casual way to wear the plaid trend while keeping it classic.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for your own Autumn transitional looks!

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