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Outfit Diaries #1: Konnichiwa, Tokyo!

Hey guys! It's been a crazy busy time for me lately as I have finally landed in Tokyo for the year to start my year long study abroad program. I am beyond excited to be able to spend a year in such an amazing, vibrant and fashion-forward city. The first week I was here I was with my mum, and we had such a fun time exploring all the touristy areas before school started. She also happens to be my favourite photographer, and managed to get lots of great snaps in me during our week together. I've gathered all of those pics here to show you guys my outfit diaries!

The first outfit I wore was this black Chrome Hearts tank top, paired with my camo pants from the Army supply shop and my red vintage Juicy Couture bag. As some of you may have noticed, I've dyed my hair red in preparation for Tokyo. I think that this colour really suits my wardrobe as I wear red all of the time (it happens to be my favourite colour)! It also really elevates my looks by acting as another accessory, which I love. I really love this outfit because it's comfortable yet still super chic. I've found that Chrome Hearts is super popular here in Tokyo, and I wanted to match the vibe of the city while maybe impressing a few locals on the way. These tanks tend to run a bit long, so tying it up allowed for me to keep my silhouette from looking frumpy while also adding an extra bit of detail to the outfit. These camo pants matched up perfectly and added some pattern to the look, while still being incredibly comfortable. Seriously, if you have an Army supply shop near you I'd highly recommend picking up some of these pants. They're comfortable, cool, and fit so perfectly. I really am obsessed with them and have to give a shout out to my good friend Emma for recommending them to me. As for the bag, this is one of my favourite pieces as of late. I'm absolutely obsessed with all things Juicy Couture as it really reminds me of my childhood in the early 2000s and I think it is just such an iconic brand. The colours on this bag are so perfect, as the light blue writing really pops against the red of the bag. It also reminds me of a bit of a graphic tee in the way that it makes a subtle statement. As for accessories, I kept it simple with a red fish necklace from Hong Kong, and my classic Ray Bans.

My second outfit was fitted for a day exploring Gotokuji Temple, also known as the Lucky Cat Temple. My mum and I put this on our must-see list as soon as we heard about it because it is a temple dedicated to cats! If any of you guys know me, you know I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady so this was a dream come true. The legend has it that the original lucky cat lived at this temple and helped make it prosperous by bringing good fortune to a local wealthy lord, who in turn donated to the temple. Therefore, the white cat became a symbol of good fortune and good luck. While many people in the states associate it with Chinese restaurants, it's actually a distinctively Japanese cultural symbol. Also, just to note the temple itself is quite large so you'll have to follow the signs to get to the cat part of this. We didn't know this, and at first were afraid we had come to the wrong place! As for my outfit, I wore a black halter top from Brandy Melville with my Ragged Priest plaid pants that I felt matched the colour scheme of the cats perfectly. To top it all off, I added my red Balenciaga bag and my Ray Bans. As for shoes, I've been sticking with sneakers my entire trip because Tokyo is definitely a walking city! On most days we walked for at least 6 miles, but usually we were racking up 10 or more miles in a day! So definitely keep that in mind when packing footwear when visiting this city. Anyway, Gotokuji temple definitely lived up to my expectations and it was so adorable. There were also plenty of lucky cats to purchase so I ended up getting a keychain for my bag and one for my desk. However, there were TONS of mosquitos around the area and I got bit a bunch! Luckily for me the kind lady running the shop there gave me some anti-itch cream that worked really well, but definitely invest in some bug spray before you go visit. On the way back, we managed to catch the absolutely adorable Lucky Cat themed train. The whole train was covered in pictures of the lucky cat, and inside the handles to hold onto were cat shaped!! I was so obsessed, and so happy we managed to catch it as we had a boring regular train on the way in.

Our third day was spent in the legendary Harajuku area. While people told me that Shibuya is the new "It" place to shop, I have to say I strongly disagree. Harajuku, especially the Ura-Harajuku area, is packed with SO many amazing and unique shops that I don't think Shibuya can even compare. For my look, I tried to embody the cutesy vibe of Harajuku with my graphic Juicy Couture x V-FILES tee, black jeans from Urban Outfitters, and my Yayoi Kusuma x X-Girl polka dot jacket. Just for reference, X-Girl is one of my favourite brands and while it originated in the states, it's become huge in Japan. It's incredibly hard to find their pieces in the states, especially considering that their website is all in Japanese. Therefore coming here was an absolute dream because I was able to visit their stores in person! I picked up some amazing pieces which I'm sure you guys will see in a later post of mine. Anyway, I really enjoyed wearing this outfit although I think next time I'll pair it with one of my leather skirts because I think the black jeans were a bit boring. However, I'm obsessed with this graphic tee which is again from Juicy Couture, and features a very classic 2000s quote. It matches perfectly with the jacket and I think overall is just so cute. It definitely fit in well with the scene of Harajuku, which had tons of pink on its main Takeshita road. To keep with the cutesy pink theme, I added my pink Juicy Couture backpack and my pink Ray Ban sunglasses. I plan to do a post soon about my favourite places to go to in Harajuku, because I've really been loving this neighbourhood so much.

My next outfit was for visiting Akihabara, also known as Electric Town. There's tons of "Otaku" AKA Nerd stuff here, like manga and anime merchandise, maid cafes, and arcades. Personally, I love arcades, especially the car games, and was super excited to come visit. For my outfit I wore my Biggie T-shirt given to me by my good friend Alex, I.AM.GIA shorts and the matching belt, and my blue FjallRaven Kanken mini backpack to hold my umbrella on the rainy day. If you look closely in the picture, you can also see my mosquito bracelet that I got after being eaten alive at Gotokuji temple! I specifically chose to wear my Biggie shirt because of one of his iconic lines, "super nintendo sega genesis", from the song Juicy. Not only is this one of my favourite songs, but I felt it matched the theme of Akihabara perfectly. Of course, I had to get a picture in front of the Sega building in it! We also went in the Sega building to play some of their car arcade games, which was super fun. My mum was surprisingly good at them! There are a few Sega buildings in the area and each has different arcade games, so definitely shop around and see which one has your favourites. Each game only costs about 100 yen to play, which is less than one US dollar. This makes it a super affordable way to pass the time and have fun with friends, especially on a rainy day. I personally love the Mario Kart game that was in one of the Sega arcades.

My last, and probably favourite outfit, was worn to Sensoji Temple. The temple is famous for its large red lantern and after many, many hours spent Insta-stalking I knew exactly the image I wanted to capture. For the outfit I wore my Calvin Klein button down with this amazing cowboy graphic on the back, a black skirt, my I.AM.GIA belt and my red Balenciaga bag. The temple itself was super crowded, which is to be expected during the summer months. However, it is really worth the view and I'd recommend braving the crowds to go see it. If you have a chance, maybe try to get there a bit earlier to explore. I actually went back more recently during the night and while the little shops leading up to the temple were shut down, it was really beautiful to be able to see it so serene and all lit up. The area around Sensoji is not as easy to explore as say, Shibuya, but it's still definitely worth a stroll. I highly recommend the nearby Gonpachi restaurant. The restaurant, which is a bit of a chain in Tokyo, is best known for inspiring the hit Tarantino series Kill Bill. The one in Akasaka/Roppongi is actually where the huge fight scene between The Bride and the Crazy-88 occurred! I'm hoping to visit it while I'm here. Anyway, they have a location near Sensoji temple. The second floor overlooks the river, which is a perfect way to relax after sightseeing. The food is surprisingly affordable, and I highly recommend the hand rolls which you put together yourself and are made freshly in front of you. Everything there was really well done, fresh, and affordable especially considering the quality of food and ambience of the restaurant. Although I can't speak for the other locations, I'm sure they're just as good and would recommend seeing if there's one near you during your stay in Tokyo.

I hope you've enjoyed my first outfit diaries and I'm so excited to update you guys on more things to come.

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