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Mood Ring Look Book

When I was a kid, I was OBSESSED with Mood Rings. Jewellery that could tell you how you're feeling, like some kind of fabulous therapist? Sign me up. However, I was always disappointed by the murky, bland colours I got that never really reflected how I was feeling (some didn't even match the colours on the chart at all). This week, I decided to do my younger self justice and created a mood ring look book inspired by all the colours I wish I had gotten on my mood ring. Each day in Boston, I dressed head-to-toe in one of the best and brightest mood ring colours: pink, red, purple and blue.

Pink: Curious, Loving, Happy

My pink look was definitely the most bold out of all of them, as I really committed to an ALL pink look. I wore my pink hexagonal Ray Bans, my vintage pink neck scarf, my pink empress t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, my pink Betty and Veronica sequin skirt, and finally topped it all off with my pink Juicy backpack. I was worried that so many different shades of pink would make the look look uncoordinated or even bad, but fortunately they all seemed to blend together quite well. I think the fact that I wore my brighter colours (the t-shirt and the scarf) on top, while the more subdued colours were at the bottom, helped create balance within the ensemble and helped it from looking too mismatched. I wore this look throughout Boston, on a day to the lovely Museum of Fine Arts, which unintentionally matches the curiosity associated with pink on a mood ring. Overall, I personally loved wearing this much pink, and found it surprisingly wearable for everyday. It was so much fun and I really felt like I was wearing something bold and different. I definitely got a LOT of looks from people who were surprised to see such an all-out pink look. However, I also got a lot of compliments!

Purple: Moody, Dreamer, Romance

My purple look really made me feel dreamy and romantic, just like what it says on the mood ring. I wore a beautiful Opening Ceremony x Thierry Boutemy dress which features cut outs of flowers, mostly in purple, across it. This dress feels super romantic because of the classic cut and the flowers across it, but the cut out/collage design of the flowers makes it cooler (and more unique!) than your average floral dress. I paired this with my elongated neon purple button down from Anthropologie. I found that this bright pop of neon really helped commit to the purple look and added a bit more dimension to the outfit without weighing me down in the summer heat. Since I lack many purple accessories, I decided to do a purple makeup look with my iridescent purple Stila eyeshadow. Not only did this help add more purple to the look, but it made me look and feel super dreamy and magical. As for accessories, I stuck with silver as I think it helped bring out the witchy magic feel to the look.

Red: Energy, Power, Courage

Despite having an ABUNDANCE of red in my wardrobe, and an overall affinity for the colour, I didn't really seem to have a lot for an all-red look. Therefore, I ended up going in more of a red and black colour combination. This worked out well, but I really wished that I had more solid red because I feel like wearing such a bold colour head-to-toe is such a statement. Anyway, for this look I wore my red dragon t-shirt (picked up in a small shop in NYC's Chinatown), my Ragged Priest plaid pants, and my black cropped AG jacket. I paired it again with my Balenciaga red bag to add some more red into the look.

Blue: Optimistic, Peaceful, Pleasant

My last look, which was all blue, was perhaps the most wearable and summery. Blue is such an easy colour to wear head to toe, because it's fairly neutral. If you're interested in trying out something like this, but aren't sure where to start, blue is definitely a great beginners point! Since blue is so easy to wear, I wanted to keep it from being boring by mixing patterns and designs. I wore my thrifted striped blue shirt, my Anthropologie embroidered skirt, and my blue Kanken mini backpack. This look was super easy to wear, felt -perfect for the summer, and looked way less matchy-matchy than I expected.

Overall, I loved trying out this bold look of wearing just one colour, and I recommend you guys try it out too! While colours like blue, black, and white are the easiest to pull off, they're also the least fun. Some colours I would have loved to try out if I had the pieces are yellow and orange. Even a metallic like silver or gold would look so much fun. I hope you guys try out this idea soon, and if so, please be sure to let me know what you think!

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