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The Filthy Narcissist Guide to the Hamptons

If there's one place that embodies the spirit of a carefree summer to me, it's the Hamptons. Even though there may not seem like there's a lot to do, I always enjoy lounging by the beach, enjoying the beautiful scenery, strolling through towns, and eating as much lobster as I possibly can. I got to spend a lovely few days in Amagansett this summer, and thought I would share with you guys how to enjoy the Hamptons the Filthy Narcissist way (which, fair warning, includes a LOT of lobster rolls).

What to Wear

One of the most important parts for me about going on vacation is dressing the part. I love to treat each trip like an ongoing magazine shoot, and like to create a "theme" for each of my trips (or at least, each day on the trip). Not only does this help me with packing, as accessories work with multiple outfits, but I find that I enjoy my trip even more when I feel great in what I'm wearing. For this trip, I chose a very classic, effortless summer vibe and tried to incorporate lots of colour to keep things lively. Usually I prefer graphic streetwear for the summertime, but I find this doesn't transfer well when you're spending most of your days lounging by the beach or hitting up farmer's markets. I also tried to keep my vibe very classic as a nod to some summertime outfit icons, such as Jackie O. Therefore, scarves (in all forms) were an absolute must.

My favourite look of this trip was probably my most Paris Hilton, 2000s-It-girl inspired look. I've been obsessed with the early 2000s lately (who hasn't?) and icons such as Paris Hilton and movies like Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, John Tucker Must Die, Mean Girls, and all those amazing classics. The style in those films is amazing and definitely has been a huge source of inspiration for me lately. For this look, I wore a pink Hermès scarf that I tied into a top to give it a more fun, cute look. I wanted the scarf to stand out so I paired it with some tan Versace pants that were so kindly gifted to me by my friend Allison. As for accessories, I kept things simple with my straw circle back from Urban Outfitters, my pink hexagonal Ray Bans, and Birkenstocks which were perfect for throwing on and off for impromptu walks on the beach. To keep within the 2000s theme, I straightened my hair which also made me look even more put together.

Another outfit I wore had a very All-American, 1950s inspired feel to it. I wore a red, white and blue ensemble made up of a Honey Punch red gingham jacket, a white lacy Free People crop top, and my Alexa Chung denim midi skirt. For shoes, I wore a vintage pair of heels that I got from my mom. This was definitely rare for me as I hate wearing heels, but I loved the way that they looked with this outfit that I was willing to suffer through them (although I still have the blisters to prove it).

My third look is probably the least classic of them all, but one that I still really enjoyed. I absolutely adore the Diane Von Furstenberg skirt that I wore, as I've been trying to think of how to wear it all summer. The silk skirt is such a statement piece on its own that it was difficult to find a top that did it justice. This time, I paired it with a ribbed black H&M top and my Ray Ban round sunglasses. While I enjoyed this look, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect top to go for this skirt and would love to hear your guys's input! I really loved how this skirt blew in the refreshing beach breeze that seems to flow through all of Montauk, and it reminded me of my silk scarves that I love so much.

My last outfit truly embodies the classic summertime outfits that Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, and other icons were known for wearing. I chose my white Urban Outfitters button down linen dress, paired effortlessly with my Birkenstocks. However, my favourite part of this look is the accessories. I wore a Paul Smith scarf tied around my head in a nod to the driving scarves of the 1950s, and added my Illesteva glasses to keep me looking chic rather than grandma-esque.

Where To Eat

As previously mentioned, I adore lobster. Something about it turns me into a little chubby baby emperor who will stop at nothing to get more lobster. Luckily for me, there is plenty of it to be found in the Hamptons. My favourite way to consume lobster in the summertime is definitely through a delicious lobster roll. Nothing can beat a nice, cold lobster salad in a squishy, perfectly toasted white bun with a delicious helping of fries on the side. It's the perfect summer treat, being deliciously decadent while still being light enough that you don't immediately fall into a food coma after. Although I can't choose one place to call my favourite, I'll highlight three delicious lobster rolls that you should definitely check out when you're in the Hamptons.

To start off, the most classic lobster roll location has to be The Lobster Roll, also known as Lunch, in Amagansett. Instantly recognisable due to its large "LUNCH" sign (hence the nickname), this place has been serving up classic lobster rolls for years to everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Paul Simon to Presidents of years past. I highly recommend getting the lobster plate, which comes with a side of fries and coleslaw. Although they're quite heavy with the celery here, their lobster rolls are to die for and their drinks are spectacular. I love their frozen lemonade, which is a perfect way to cool off after a day out in the sun. I also love the vibe of this place, as it's easy eating with a great, All-American, red white and blue beach vibe.

My second lobster recommendation is right next to Lunch, at the Clam Bar. Despite its name, this place serves up an amazing Lobster BLT which was apparently just added to the menu. I went here twice during my trip, once to try the key lime pie, which had an amazing crust, and the second time to get some chowder and the lobster BLT after jealously eyeing my boyfriend's. The lobster BLT here is definitely big enough for two people to share, especially with an appetiser. It's stuffed full of delicious, fresh, cold lobster which goes perfectly with the crispy bacon. This is a great place to grab something a little different from your standard lobster roll, while still eating as much lobster as humanely possible. The restaurant itself also has a nice beach vibe (are you sensing a theme here?), with casual plastic chairs and bright yellow umbrellas.

My last lobster recommendation is Bostwick's Chowder House in East Hampton. Again, the place had a charming nautical theme and was really laid back. The lobster roll was delicious, lighter on the celery than Lunch, and had shoestring fries which are my personal favourite. I had an Arnold Palmer as well, which was really good and tasted freshly made. Apparently, the soft serve here is supposed to be delicious but unfortunately I did not get a chance to try it.

Where to Go

Most of the towns in the Hamptons follow the same pattern: beautiful buildings, beautiful scenery, a few classic stores and then some high end designer shops. I feel like this adds to the cohesive "feel" that the Hamptons has, as you're always in an adorable beach town. Here are some of my favourite places to check out.


Montauk is one of the most touristy places in the Hamptons, but it's still worth a day trip. I'd recommend going on a weekday if you can because it can get packed with families during the weekend, especially in the summer. My favourite places to go in the town of Montauk include Montauk Mainstay, a shop that has shirts inspired by the great signage all around the area (including Lunch and The Clam Bar!) and Puff and Putt, a mini golf place. As cheesy as it sounds, it is a fun little activity to do and I always had a lovely time playing here with my boyfriend. Two other places to check out in Montauk are the Memory Motel, which was the inspiration for the famous Rolling Stones song of the same name, and the beautiful flower shop called Strawberry Fields (Unfortunately, not the inspiration for the Beatles song). If you drive a little further out to the end of Long Island, you can see the historic lighthouse. You can even pay to go inside and walk all the way up to the top, if you so wish. However, we got there later in the evening and decided to walk around the area instead of trekking up to the top. There was a rocky beach and an area where you could walk around the rocks surrounding the lighthouse which was really nice. The view is amazing and I highly recommend going to check it out.

Sag Harbor

Sag Harbour is a nice town to walk around in, although there wasn't a ton to do there. The bookstore was quite nice but unfortunately did not have a large selection of fashion books, so I was out of luck. However, they did have lots of new releases, a cute coffee shop inside the store, and a very helpful staff so if you're in need of a beach read be sure to stop by. Another notable store here is Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, which contains a lovely (but expensive) selection of home goods, clothing, as well as health and beauty items. The rest of our walk around Sag Harbour was spent mostly enjoying the scenery which seemed to be straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting.


Amagansett is where we spent most of our time because it was where the house located, and it is an absolutely charming town. They have another branch of Montauk Mainstay, which contains a different selection of shirts than the one at Montauk (the one at Montauk has more things, but I feel like the Amagansett one has a better selection of shirts). One of my boyfriend's favourite places to go to here is the record shop, Innersleeve Records. They have a great selection of records, ranging from old to new, and rare copies. It would be a perfect place to grab a gift for a music lover in your life before you go, or pick up a rare record from a favourite band to add to your collection! Right nearby is the famous Stephen Talkhouse, which is a bar that has live music, often from famous musicians such as The Killers or Coldplay, as well as new acts. Since it is a bar you have to be 21+ to enter, but if you're underage you can come in as long as you're accompanied by someone 21 or over. I unfortunately didn't get a chance to go because there wasn't any acts playing that we were interested in during the few days we were there, so definitely check out their schedule online and plan ahead if you're interested. Or, just come in one night and maybe you'll find your new favourite band! My last shop recommendation is Vicki's Veggies, which is an adorable roadside food stand with fresh fruit, gorgeous sunflowers (which as I got as a thank you gift for my hosts), and even cute little ducks and geese in the back that you can feed with the lettuce provided. It's a great stop if you just want some fresh fruit and veggies, or even things like pasta sauces. My last must see here is the beach. This may seem obvious, seeing that you're in the Hamptons, but the beaches out in Amagansett are far less crowded than the ones in Montauk or East Hampton, but that's because they're more expensive. Luckily, we had a residence pass which allowed us to enter for free (so if any of your friends live in the area...now might be the time to hit them up...). The beaches here are stunning, and this is coming from someone who avidly avoids them.

Overall, I hope you enjoyed my guide to the Hamptons and please let me know what you think!

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