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My Favourite Places to Thrift: NYC

Hey y'all, long time no see! I've been crazy busy running around the city and unfortunately did not have my laptop with me most of the time. However, I was able to scout out so many great places to recommend to you guys while I was gone! To start off, I'll be telling you guys my favourite places to thrift. When I asked you guys what you'd like to see, this was the winner! I feel like thrifting has gotten so popular in recent years and it's easy to see why. You can find some amazing gems at thrift stores, and all at an amazing price. However, it can be a bit hard to find stores that cater to your exact style. While places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army have tons of different clothes to fit everyone's personal style, they can be an absolute pain to go through. Therefore, I'll also be recommending a few places that are more curated so that you can have an easier time finding something that matches your closet.

To start off, I'll recommend my favourite non-curated thrift store: L Train Vintage. They have tons of locations across the city, and are incredibly popular. I love these thrift stores because they carry such a wide array of products and all at super cheap prices. Many of them, such as No Relation Vintage, have a basement area full of utility clothes such as army pants, boy scout uniforms, etc. I absolutely love the utility trend going on right now and this is a cheap way to try it out. My other favourite thing to get at the L Train Vintage stores are graphic t-shirts. Although it can be a pain to rifle through all of them, you can find some amazing pieces. I recently found a great yellow Cowboy t-shirt at No Relation Vintage for less than $15, and this was on the pricier end of their t-shirts! Most of them will run you about $6, which is an absolute steal.

Now, to move onto the more curated thrift stores. I'll start off with two places in St Mark's place that are actually quite close to each other: Spark Pretty and Local Clothing.

Spark Pretty is THE place to go if you're looking for an over-the-top, unique vintage piece. Their store is beautifully designed and looks like a 90s Lisa Frank fever dream. While the prices are a bit higher than a place like L Train, it's because they're carefully curated and also beautifully designed. While I"m sure you could try to go out and find pieces like these at a larger thrift store, it's much easier to just pick them out from here! They also have custom jackets and what not that you can only find here.

Local Clothing is located nearby Spark Pretty and features really cute graphic tees and a lovely selection of more boho, earth-toned clothes. Definitely more low key than Spark Pretty, it has a more relaxed and casual vibe. I could definitely see myself coming here during the autumn to find cozy basics and some cowboy-inspired accessories.

Another store I really like in this area is Cobblestones. Cobblestones is a bit less curated than Local Clothing and Spark Pretty, and seems to be more of a grandma-yard-sale vibe, in the best of ways. The woman who runs this place is also great to talk to and can help you pick out pieces quite easily. She really seems to know the entire inventory of her sprawling store, so if you're looking for a certain piece I'm sure she could help you out. As soon as I walked in with my black cat tote, she immediately pointed out a black and white cat jacket for me! If you come on a weekday when the store is not very crowded, you can definitely get a personal shopper like experience.

If you're interested in more high end thrift stores, that still have quite a bit of a markdown compared to normal designer prices, then I highly recommend you check out Tokio 7. The store is packed with high end goods marked down quite a lot. While more "big ticket" items such as bags and jackets will still set you back quite a bit, you can find high quality designer t-shirts and pants for much more reasonable prices. For example, I found an Opening Ceremony T-shirt here few years back for around $30, which is much more reasonable than their normal $70-100+ T-Shirt price range. They also carry limited-edition and vintage versions of designer goods, so I would highly recommend checking it out if you're looking for a piece from a certain collection.

My all-time favourite thrift store is in Brooklyn, and it's probably the oddest one yet. I stumbled upon it after having brunch with my friend Bella, and didn't think much of it at first. At first glance, Wonders of Walter seems like a casual, side-of-the-road thrift store/garage sale. However, upon closer inspection you find that it actually contains so many gems from amazing brands. While they are priced accordingly-and trust me, you can NOT bargain with Walter, he will not back down on these prices-you can find some truly stunning objects here. He has a huge selection of fur coats, cool dresses, and designer brands such as Gucci, Prada and Opening Ceremony. There are also a few vendors who set up shop with Walter, which is where I found my amazing Budweiser dress! In fact, Bella was the one who pulled it out for me and I couldn't be more grateful. It's an amazing piece and unlike one that I would find anywhere else. Even Walter himself admitted that $40 for it was a steal. I've worn the piece multiple times and have gotten tons of compliments on it. It's currently featured on my Instagram, but I'll also be including it in an upcoming Outfit Diaries-NYC blog post!

Overall, I hope you'll check out some of these thrift stores and please let me know what you think! Also, for those who participated in my Instagram poll: thank you so much! I'll be doing a post about my favourite places to eat in NYC soon as well, so I hope you enjoy that too.

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