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Throughout my life, my dad has been obsessed with trains. While he doesn't have a full set of trains yet, he's always reading train collector magazines and finding little trains to put around our house. Growing up around all this train memorabilia has clearly impacted me, because the obsession continues! I personally love trains, and think they have such a sweet, nostalgic feel to them. I also enjoy riding them, because it gives me a chance to relax and enjoy the sights. They honestly might be my favourite mode of transportation. Anyway, all of this brings me to one of my most recent trips: to the Shore Line Trolley Museum! Before I get into the museum itself, let's start with the outfit. Since I was going to be given the opportunity to see lots of old trolleys, I felt the need to dress up! I decided to go for a 1950s safari inspired look that ended up matching perfectly with the vintage travel feel of these trolleys. As for the dress, I went with a Theory dress that I just recently got on sale for over 60% off! It's still on sale now at the time of writing if you're interested. While I loved the fabric of the dress, I wasn't crazy about the collar (or lack of). Therefore, I made it my own by simply folding down the sides and creating a collar. I was impressed with how well it stayed, and how much better it looked than the original design. I replaced the nice fabric belt it came with with a Prada belt in order to break up the look more and match the gold hardware on my bag. This Gucci bag is one of my most treasured pieces, as I love the gorgeous bugs covering it. It reminds me of something an eclectic old lady would own-my ideal style. As for accessories, I paired it with my Illesteva sunglasses, vintage Louis Vuitton neck scarf, and vintage Adidas sneakers (which were the same shade of red as the bag!).

As for the museum, it's located in East Haven, near Yale. It has the longest continuously running trolley in the United States. You can ride in these restored trolleys, following a beautiful path through Connecticut's shore views. They also have a quaint museum, as well as a yard where you can see many other trolleys. What I really liked about this museum is how interactive it is, as not only can you ride in a trolley, but you can walk around the other ones that are no longer in use. We even met a man who was in the process of restoring one of them, and had a nice chat about how that project was going. Everyone here was very informative, kind, and clearly passionate about what they were doing. The man at the ticket counter even gave us a recommendation for lunch! Below are some pictures of the trolley we got to ride in, as well as some bonus shots of me having fun wandering around the trolley lot. This includes the beautiful trolley that the man was restoring with original rattan seats. These old trolleys even include original ads from the city and time period that the trolley is from, which I absolutely loved. Overall, I feel like this is an excellent place to take parents, children, or any other train/trolley enthusiasts (or even just to snap some amazing pictures!). You can check them out online at http://shorelinetrolley.org.

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