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Summer Street Style

While there are so many things to love about summer, it probably has to be my least favourite season for clothing. The hotter weather makes it more difficult to style layer up, and most of the clothing on sale switches to more bohemian, relaxed vibes. While this style is beautiful and perfect for the summer months, sometimes I find it hard to stray from my year-round streetwear inspired looks. Therefore, I'm sharing with you guys my best ways to adapt your street style for the summer without overheating!

Note: All images are mine unless stated otherwise.

Tip 1: Bold Pieces

While this may be one of the most obvious tips, I really feel like investing in a few bold, bright and colourful pieces for the summer can help elevate your style every year. In the two images below, I'm wearing two of my favourite pieces that really pack a punch for summer. These pieces can be hard to find, as they need to make a statement on their own. However, once you do you will treasure them forever. For example, I've had this Balenciaga dress for over five years now and am constantly in awe by how beautiful it is for the summertime. It can also be layered with my Opening Ceremony varsity jacket in the Autumn, making it a practical transitional piece as well. The dress absolutely stands out on its own, and barely needs any accessories. I added my classic round Ray Bans, star earrings from Madewell, a red Balenciaga bag and Nike sneakers.

The other piece I've featured is my dad's Gucci shirt. By borrowing a menswear piece, it gives me a slightly looser and cooler silhouette that keeps it a bit breezier for the summertime. I half tucked it into a black Madewell skirt, and wore it again with my classic round Ray Bans, star earrings from Madewell, red Balenciaga bag and Nike sneakers.

To get you guys started on thinking about bold pieces of your own, here are two images I found from Pinterest that also capture this style perfectly.

Tip 2: Bold Skirts and Graphic Tees

While I'm a huge fan of graphic tees all year round, I find them especially helpful in the summertime for amping up a look and keeping with a street style vibe. One trend I've noticed a lot on Pinterest lately that I'm dying to get into is the graphic tee paired with a bold skirt. While I'm still on the hunt for more patterned skirts myself, I've found some inspiration from Pinterest that I'm using to get myself started on this trend (and hopefully you guys as well!). While some gingham skirts may be more suited for the summertime, bold colours such as red, or prints such as snakeskin, will easily take you into the cooler months as well when paired with tights.

Note: All pictures in gallery from Pinterest. Credit is given when available. Unfortunately, some have no Instagram handles or blog names given. If you know where those images are from, let me know!

Tip 3: Accessories

Another easy fix is to add some great accessories to an otherwise boring outfit. I personally love belts for this reason, as they don't make me feel any warmer but still break up the outfit. Another good choice is a bold bag. I also love to wear hats and neck scarves during the summer, but only on days where it's still slightly cooler out. I find that once it hits 90 degrees or warmer, adding these lightweight accessories seems like you're bundling up! I've already posted two looks with summer accessories: My Wild, Wild West article which features a cowboy inspired look complete with a hat, neck scarf and belt, and my Flower Power look that includes a more boho-inspired neck scarf and bag combination. Check them out in the related posts at the end of this one. As for the image below, I comes from a UNIF Ad that I found on Pinterest. The bold accessories in this really stand out to me, and I feel like they would even a more simple graphic tee. Things such as hair bobbles, sunglasses and even bold necklaces and earrings can also be found for quite cheap, and therefore make this one of the most affordable options for the summer!

Tip 4: Makeup

While no one wants to wear a full face of makeup in the summer, mostly for fear of it melting off, I still find that keeping the face light and doing a bold eye and/or lip look can really elevate your look without being too heavy. For eye looks, one of my favourite ones to do is a bright blue with my NYX Lid Lingerie, as seen in the images below. I've featured this look a few times already, and if any of you guys are interested in a tutorial, please let me know! If that's too bold for you, I've also included a more subdued look for the summer featuring a Stila Glitter and Glow eyeshadow that gives me the perfect amount of ethereal glow. Even a red lipstick can amp up your look, if paired with the right pieces! Just try it out and see what works for you.

Lastly, here is some more inspiration from Pinterest to get you guys thinking about bold makeup looks you can do this summer.

Overall, I hope this post helps you guys amp up your summer look and try something different than the usual bohemian inspired looks. HAGS!

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