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The Wild, Wild West

DC has countless brunch spots, but I think that my friend Liv has tried them all. Her weekend brunches are always perfectly orchestrated, with amazing food, lovely people, and a great opportunity to show off an outfit. Since her most recent brunch was at Beuchert's Saloon, I decided to dress for the occasion by wearing a Western-inspired outfit. The hat is borrowed from my friend Diana, and was from Forever 21. The shirt is a plain white J. Crew shirt, and I added a Madewell star print bandana around my neck to give it a more western feel. I paired it with my black Madewell denim skirt, Forever 21 western inspired belt, and wore my favourite Rag & Bone snakeskin boots. I tried to keep it monochromatic with only black, white and silver to give it a modern look and prevent myself from looking like I was in costume. The saloon itself had plenty of great locations to take pictures, including a bar with a Bison head and green leather sofas. It was also a quick walk away from Capitol Hill, where I found this beautiful yellow wall.

As for the food, Beuchert's did not disappoint! I got a corned beef hash, which was delicious. As for the table, we split an order of beignets and cinnamon rolls. Unfortunately, the cinnamon rolls were dryer than expected but the beignets were fluffy and delicious. As for my friends meals, I feel like it was either a hit or a miss and therefore I would recommend either looking up reviews before you go, or trying it out yourself before an event. Beuchert's was very accommodating to our large party size, and none of us ever felt like we were being ignored. Liv even managed to get the menu customised and decorate our table with fresh flowers and name tags, which was absolutely amazing. Anyway, I hope this post inspires you to check out Beuchert's or to add some Western flair to your outfit, which I've been obsessed with lately.

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