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Richmond, Virginia

This summer, I was lucky enough to visit Richmond, Virginia twice to visit friends. Each time, I managed to find cute and new things to do! I've gathered up a list of my favourite things there, and hope that this is helpful for your next trip. I would highly recommend visiting Richmond for a long weekend, especially if you live in DC. Everything is super accessible and you have the option of either driving down or taking the train.

Places to go: Carytown

Carytown is an adorable little town that has lots of different places to eat, shop and see. There are tons of murals everywhere, which are perfect for taking pictures! One of my favourite things about Carytown are the little speciality shops, such as Rocket Fizz, a candy shop. Easily noticeable thanks to the pirate statue out front, Rocket Fizz has lots of different types of candy and sodas from all over the world. It's also packed to the brim with things to buy, making it an easy place to pick up a fun souvenir for yourself or a friend. As for my outfit, the amazing Richmond denim jacket I'm wearing was actually a DIY by my friend Bella, who I was visiting! I paired it with a denim Levi skirt, black tank top and borrowed a motorcycle bandana from her to add some colour.

Places to go: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Although I unfortunately was unable to go visit the VMFA this trip, I have been there before and it is stunning. They have many different beautiful exhibits, including artists such as Kehinde Wiley. You may recognise his work as he recently did Barack Obama's presidential portrait! There is also a lovely restaurant and cafe at the museum, and plenty of outdoor photo spots on a beautiful day. I highly recommend you check it out while you're in Richmond.

Places to stay: Quirk Hotel

While I was lucky enough to be able to stay with my friends while I was in Richmond, there are plenty of gorgeous accommodations in Richmond. My favourite would be the Quirk Hotel, which is All. Pink. It is an absolute dream, and features an adorable gift shop that is perfectly curated to match the pink theme. It is also right across the street from Graffiatos, a delicious Italian restaurant. I would highly recommend checking this place out if you're in Richmond, even if you don't get the opportunity to stay there. As for my outfit in the picture, I unfortunately did not match my background. I wore a thrifted Topshop checkerboard jacket, my Urban Outfitters devil shirt, a Topshop black leather skirt, and Nike sneakers. I would recommend you check out my Instagram, @Filthynarcissist, to see this outfit in a more appropriate background!

Places to Eat: Sugar Shack, Eat 821 Cafe and Graffiatos

Sugar Shack is a donut shop that has locations in RVA and in DC, and makes a delicious chocolate sprinkle donut. On top of that, they offer free donuts using different codes on their twitter pages. So be sure to check out their social media before you go in, and you might get a free donut if you can' meet the challenge! Luckily, when we went in, it was free donuts for anyone born in the 90s. Another place to eat in Richmond is Eat 821 Cafe, which has a casual, diner-like feel that makes it perfect for lunch or breakfast with friends. We went there for breakfast, and although I normally don't like breakfast food, this place was delicious! I got an everything bagel with hummus, sausage on the side, and our table split an order of the nutella french toast. While everything was good, I have to say that the french toast was definitely my favourite and I may or may not have been craving it since. Lastly, the best place for a more upscale dinner in RVA is Graffiatos. I would recommend getting one of their pasta dishes, especially the gnocchi, because the portions are a little on the smaller end and going for a less filling option, such as salad, might leave you hungry afterwards.

Things to do: Explore! My favourite thing about Richmond is all the cool and interesting places to go, especially as a tourist. There are plenty of murals to go hunting for, museums to check out, and boutiques and cafes to spend time at. There are also amazing thrift shops around here. Even just driving around, we stumbled upon things like this wild pink and blue bus. It was just parked on a residential street, but made for a great photo. Anyway, I hope this post inspires you to check out Richmond Virginia and gives you some ideas of what to do while you're there!

As for my outfit, I wore a Theory jumpsuit, Prada belt and my classic Ray ban round sunglasses.

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