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Secret Garden

Recently I was given the amazing chance to explore a private garden in Connecticut. The Blau Gardens are usually closed off to the public, but they do open them up for special occasions. The gardens are currently taken care of by a family, who lives on the property. They are absolutely stunning, as seen in the pictures below. They've got everything from a small maze to a bamboo garden to a river running through! I was so lucky to be able to see such a delightful garden and to be shown around by the man who owns and works on it. I went with my mother, and we both had an amazing time exploring this secret garden. For the event, I wore a casual but delicate lace dress from Urban Outfitters, paired with my custom pink hexagonal Ray Bans, my Urban Outfitters bag, my star earrings from Madewell and my classic black Birkenstocks. I did my hair up in two cute double buns, which is a look I have been obsessed with recently. I hope you enjoy these pictures of the stunning Blau gardens, and hopefully get a chance to explore them if you're ever in the area.

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