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Darwin Days

As many of my friends know, I am absolutely in LOVE with the book Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. I was forced to read it for a class during my freshman year of college, and it ended up changing my life. While it is a huge book, I highly recommend giving it a read if you have any interest in nature, science, or good books. One of my favourite memories was when I finished reading this book at the Smithsonian Zoo in Washington, DC. It was the perfect place to finish this book, which focused so heavily on nature and animals. I still love to visit the zoo frequently and am always reminded of this memory every time I go. When I went in April, it was a beautiful spring day and I decided to break out some of my most colourful pieces.

The top is actually a wrap from Lush that my friend Diana gave me. I simply paired it with a strapless bra, folded it over and tied it in the back. Lush has plenty of large, beautiful wraps that would make amazing tops if you ever want to give this easy DIY a try! The pants are high water pants from Urban Outfitters, the shoes are from Nike, the necklace is from Hong Kong, the sunglasses are from Ray Ban, the socks are red panda socks (one of my favourite animals!) that I got at the zoo the last time I visited. I've also included a picture of a gorgeous frog that I found in the amphibian section. The bright blue indicates that it is highly poisonous, and many frogs like this are used to create poisonous darts in the Amazon by local tribes. I hope this look inspires you to visit your local zoo, or maybe even read Origin of Species!

Note: Pictures from 18 April 2018, Post created 2 June 2018

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